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Jan, 2020 by Cannabiz Wholesaler

Bender Farms is a boutique cultivation located in Southwest Virginia that just had their 2nd year anniversary. Bender Farms was originally established in 2019 by Paul Dye and Kristy Stump with a clear mission to help veterans because cannabis has been proven to help vets with PTSD. Sadly, most veterans suffer from PTSD once returning home from war, and many need assistance of some kind in order to cope. Kristy, COO and CO-Founder of Bender Farms has personal experience, being a combat vet with PTSD who uses cannabis for relief.

In addition, the farm is dedicated to growing for individuals with epilepsy, since cannabis has been proven to help stop seizures and the frequency of seizures a person will have to suffer through. Paul, Co-Founder and Co-Owner and Izabella Dye, Co-Owner have personal experience with this, having a daughter with epilepsy, while Paul struggles with anxiety and depression himself. Their experience with the healing properties that cannabis holds has led them to dedicate their lives and build a business with the intent to share the plant with others who need it.

Paul has been growing for over 25 years, cultivating 100% organic smokeable hemp flower. Bender Farms operates as a small batch farm, which affords the company the utmost control over their final product. The team works hand in hand with Mother Nature, growing from seed on about an acre of land in Virginia. Their motto is ‘Organically Grown with Rain, Soil, and Sun’, and they also put a lot of Love into their harvest. This small batch concept sets Bender Farms apart from the larger corporate companies because they are truly a small business, putting all of their effort into curating the most pure plants that nature can provide.

A quote that Paul believes in and runs his business by, is: “I know the price of success; dedication, hard work, and unremitting devotion to the things you want to see happen.” –Frank Loyd Wright
The team at Bender Farms takes great pride in promising their customers flower that is free of all metals, pesticides, and mycotoxins. All of their product meets VDACS (Virginia Department of Agriculture Services) standards for the 2018 Farm Bill, ensuring there is no more than 0.3% THC in their flower. The company offers their smokable CBD Hemp Flower, as well as biomass to wholesalers and retailers. The CBD Hemp flower comes in 1 gram, 3.5 gram and 7 gram packages, and the strain is BaOx. Their packaging conveys a straight-forward message of simplicity. They believe that by omitting the frills and gimmicks that some other companies put into their packaging, they allow the product to be the star of the show. Their flower is packaged in a brown paper bag with a transparent backing to display the flower. They always provide customers with an upto-date COA (certificate of Analysis) to verify the product is in compliance with VDACS regulations.

In 2022, Bender Farms is looking forward to expanding their offerings, as they anticipate receive licensing from the state of Virginia for marijuana cultivation, manufacturing, wholesale, and retail applications. Thanks to their small controlled farm operation, they will be able to carry all the licenses available, which is a uniquely fortunate position their farm is delighted to be in. The team has plans to attend various tradeshows throughout the year, including the NORML show in Richmond, VA in January. For more information and for sales, you can contact them via email at

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